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Survival Cooking and Living for your KINDLE

I am thinking about writing a newsletter about:

-raising chickens, turkeys and quaill
-raising dairy goats
-stocking your pantry for hard(er) times
-cooking from your stored foods
-gardening for self-reliance
-container gardening indoors
-preserving harvests
-and so much more

Many of the recipes are gluten-free, some are yeast-free and/or casein-free, and all are as easy as possible to make. 

Don't let the word "Survival" fool you! It's not about being a militant or survivalist ... it's about being prepared for any eventuality. For instance, I have been storing food for years, and yes, using it. We hit a bad patch recently, and most of our grocery money had to go somewhere else. But we didn't worry! I just pulled out my tubs, and started making EVERY meal from stored food, instead just a few a week.  I had plenty of stored dried fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, powdered milk (cow, rice and goat), eggs, meat, and cans of tuna and so forth. Plus we had eggs from our chickens and quail, and milk from our goat to drink and make cheese.  Not sure if we'd survived this rough patch without preparing for emergencies. NOW we want to pass along more information to YOU!


Updated September 15 2014: I wrote this in January 2013 but didn't have much of a response. If you are interested in a newsletter like this, please let me know. If enough people express interest, I will go ahead with it. Thank you.

Do you have a KINDLE? We plan to add the above info on this blog, but just so you don't miss anything, subscribe via your KINDLE.  Link coming soon!