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We are a small family working to be prepared for emergencies or disasters or hard times. We had started "stock-piling" in 2007, then this month, we ran into a financial mess just like most other people we've met. In working to use our stored foods to prepare healthy, cheap and tasty meals for our weird family, we started this blog. It's mostly about preserving your garden harvests, storing foods, and using these stored foods to provide healthy fun meals for your family.
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...Who are we? Doug and Vikki are recently married, and live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado with her Son who we refer to as "Very Hungry Tween Son" (VHTS) because he's always hungry. Growing boy, and all. Unfortunately, he's a very picky eater, and can't eat gluten (products from wheat, rye, oat and barley - and there's a lot of those!) Added April 5 2009: He also can't have cashews, peanuts, or soybeans.
...Hubby is Doug, and he works hard at a local corporate giant but only for a pittance compared to the way they take advantage of him. He is a complete computer nerd. He never had a garden as a grown man until with me in 2008 so he drew from his experience as a child, and together we learned. He has several "defense items", and some great ideas about taking care of home and family. Added April 5 2009: His office moved an hour away so he now lives near his office and comes home only on weekends. Added strain on our family.
...I'm Vikki, and I write almost all of the blog postings and create the blog's layout, plus I also set up any stores. I have experience as a small-time (mostly indoor) gardener, so am well-versed in container gardening. I'm learning how to can and otherwise preserve our harvests, but have dehydrated for years. I am a former publisher, and am writing now to help people with the information I've gleaned from years of experience. I don't have an "outside job"; I receive a small amount of disability because there are days I can barely move (I won't bore you with details). I'm also a picky eater, and refrain from gluten, plus am trying to lose a lot of weight to get healthy(ish) for family.
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UPDATED MARCH 23 2009: Contest: Our first contest is March 30 thru April 5 2009. To enter you must write a 50-100 word comment/review (in English) of a survival or homesteading book. Spam or unsuitable entries will be disqualified and deleted. Random drawing from entries will be done on April 6 2009. Winners will be notified by blog posting on April 7 2009. Prize includes several heirloom seed packets, an e-book, and more. Pass the word about this contest and blog, and link whenever possible. Watch for more details .. and get linking and reading!!
UPDATED MARCH 21 2009: Guest Posters Wanted: We'd love to have articles/postings from you! Please submit a posting relevant to our blog's topics: homesteading, survival cooking methods, alternate ways of cooking, food preservation methods, tips on storing your supplies, recipes using stored foods or for canning or preserving, money-saving menus ($5 per person per day), etc. E-Mail. In exchange we'll link your article on our blog to your own blog or website.
UPDATED MARCH 10 2009: We are living in our first home as a family (newlyweds!) but need to sell early Summer 2009 because Hubby's office has been relocated. We have a 4 year old Chihuahua who's quite the prissy princess, and just got a 3-month-old Dal-Rotti-Mute (Dalmatian Rottweiler Alaskan Malamute) puppy who is being trained to be our guard dog once we get a "farm". We aren't militants or extreme survivalists. We prepare because these days, anything can happen.
UPDATED JANUARY 1 2009: We have finally opened our e-book store, and our few items are up! Please check out "Recipes for Stored Foods Book 1" and our other e-books at the New View Group LLC e-book store. Each book can be downloaded as soon as you check-out via paypal. Good value and good information!
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To Advertise On This Blog: Please e-mail admin at newviewgroupllc dot com. Ads should be a rectangle 250w x 90x (pixels), and will be placed in random order in right column on this blog. The cost is $25 per month prepaid through Paypal. This price is good through December 31 2009. Paypal will automatically re-bill monthly for 12 months, with an option for another year. Please submit your ad within 2 days of payment.
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TexasRed said...

I'd love to guest post as soon as I have something helpful to contribute. Hoping to get enough out of our garden this year to try some dehydrating / canning this fall to preserve some food.

NVG-WmsFam said...

We welcome your article(s)! E-Mail when you have something ready!

Anonymous said...

I think I may have a couple of comments that would be worthwhile.
GOTH Box (GO To Heck) about the size of a shoe box.
Some ideas about smoking and curing meat.
Bug out bags
Gluten intolerance, not saying it does not happen, but my homemade breads have made a mockery of flour/gluten intolerance. It's often all the preservatives that are in processed foods that cause a reaction.
I've been prepping for about a year and stored 1 year of food in less than 6 months on a fixed income. No Food stamps, or energy assist from the government.

If you need some help, shoot me an email