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What To Store

Eating In Emergency Situations:

Remember to stock up and store MANY mason jars, lids and rings, canning / sealing wax, plus all other canning and storing supplies. Get a canner that works on a grill or propane stove, and a solar dehydrator.  We love dehydrating, and use the jars for that too.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: BASIC FOODS TO STOCK UP ON... When stockpiling for an emergency situation (loss of job, whatever), the following is suggested for one person over age 8 (to prepare and eat healthy meals for ONE year) (buying OR canning yourself):

150 pounds of wheat berries
25 pounds of flour
25 pounds of cornmeal
25 pounds of oats
50 pounds of rice
25 pounds of pasta
50 pounds dry beans/peas/lentils/soybeans
40 cans tuna
40 cans ham
10 pounds dried turkey dices
10 pounds dried chicken dices
10 pounds powdered eggs
40 pounds applesauce
30 pounds dried banana chips
50 cans fruit cocktail
50 cans pear halves
50 cans peach slices
50 cans pineapple chunks, tidbits or slices
40 pounds of fruit juices
30 pounds corn
30 pounds green beans
30 pounds dried carrots
40 pounds potatoes
20 pounds dried potato flakes
10 pounds dried onion dices
10 pounds dried garlic granules
20 pounds tomatoes
60 cans tomato paste
50 pounds powdered milk
12 cans evaporated milk
2 pounds dried milk items (sour cream/butter)
1 pound baking powder
4+ pounds baking soda (cleaning AND cooking)
1 pound yeast
5 pounds salt
5 gallons vegetable oil
5+ gallons vinegar (cleaning AND cooking)
2 quarts of mayonnaise
4 bottles mustard
4 jars pickle relish
1 quart ketchup

5 pounds honey
12 jars molasses
20-30 pounds sugar
12 jars jams/fruit preserves
2 pounds flavored gelatin / instant puddings
4 pounds hard candy (for special "treats")
12 bottles salad dressing
5 pounds boullion/broth-maker
5 pounds peanut butter
12 bottles multi-vitamins

This should give you a good start to feeding one person for a year. Cut in half for younger children.

Be sure to include a lot of the following list too. Great to spice up ordinary meals, or when you don't have a way to cook:
EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: FOODS TO STORE THAT DON'T NEED COOKING: Beef jerkey + Canned beef stew + Canned chicken and dumplings + Canned seafood (clams, shrimp, tuna, oysters, crab, salmon, kippers, etc.) + Canned soup + Canned spaghetti sauce + Canned veggies + Canned and jarred fruits + Cereal + Cheese (jar or box) + Chicken salad kit + Chips + Chipped beef + Crackers + Deviled ham + Dried fruits + Dried veggies + Granola bars + Ham salad kit + Instant gatorade and other instant drinks + Instant hot cocoa + Jarred salsa + Juice box + MREs + Nuts and Seeds + Peanut butter + Protein bars + Protein Drinks + Protein Powder + Rice cakes + Spam + Summer sausage + Tuna salad kit + Vienna sausages

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: ITEMS TO STORE (NON-FOOD): Tissues, toilet paper, paper clips, baby wipes, diapers, hand lotion, powder, can openers, blankets, socks, first aid kit, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, triple antibiotic ointment, ace bandage, heating pad or hot water bottle, multi-vitamins, sewing needles/thread/pins, fabric, velcro, defense items, pain relievers, prescription medications, duplicate eye glasses, duct tape, bed linens, towels, plastic baggies, tin/aluminum foil, paper, pens/pencils, reference books, novels, school books, board games, decks of cards, allergy medicine, flatware, fire starting equipment, water purifying items, body sanitation items (portable toilet, etc.), rechargeable batteries, mosquito repellent, sunburn cream, sunscreen, tape, staples, stapler.

What else?

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