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End of the Year "Clean Out the Refrigerator" Time

Money is tight this year for everyone we've talked with. Believe me, we know. We've had to dip in savings these past few months. And even though we have put away some supplies for emergencies like the blizzard this week, we still watch our pennies. Meanwhile, since our rotation diet to begin on New Year's Day, we went through the pantry and our supplies yesterday and discovered we have a lot of cooking and eating to do before New Year's Day. We have a few functions to prepare something for. Examples:

Office Holiday Pot-Luck: Hubby said to Wife on Monday: "We're having another pot luck at work this week, so I need to take something." "Are you kidding me? Again?" "Yes, but I don't know when or what I'm supposed to bring. Thursday? Friday?" Sigh. Walk to the pantry. Check while moving things around. Found a Funfetti cake mix and matching frosting bought in Sept for Son's Nov B-Day but we didn't use it. So we'll make that as a sheet cake, keeping a little aside for Son to snack on this weekend. Hmm... there's that pineapple cake mix too... maybe have that for ourselves on Sunday.

BirthDay: Hubby's Mom's birthday celebration is Sunday. We're not supposed to bring anything but might take ***** ****** and some freshly-harvested tomatoes anyway (bleeped out in case she reads this!). Might also take something for Son.

Family Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve is at Hubby's Mom's house this year. We've been assigned the green bean cassarole (the one with cream of mushroom soup) and bread. We have the supplies for both! The cassarole is just green beans, mushroom soup and fried onions plus I add a little onion and garlic powder. The bread: we'll be making the orange-cranberry muffins and maybe a loaf of cinnamon bread in the bread machine. Maybe. Definitely will take something for Son, like mac-n-cheese.

Yule (22nd) and Christmas Day (25th) are at home, just the three of us plus dog. No fancy celebration, just family time. Games. Karoake. We're already thinking about menus and our mouth-watering chocolate-chip pancakes. Maybe some merigne (spell?) cookies. Hmmm...

Anyway, after the review of our pantry and freezer and stored food supplies, here's what we have to eat before New Year's Day (because they will expire soon, or aren't part of our 2009 Rotation Diet) - use it or lose it!...

  • 6 packages of turkey baloney and other various lunchmeats
  • 2 big bags of multi-grain cereal
  • 3 boxes granola bars
  • 2 boxes protein bars (might put in storage)
  • 2 pot roasts
  • 4 packages steaks
  • 2 packages fresh/frozen fish
  • 8 packages various sausages and bratwurst and hot dogs
  • 38 lunch kits w/crackers: tuna salad, chicken salad, ham salad
  • 23 cans pre-made soup (has various grains in them)
  • 9 cans pre-made "mac-n-beef" type "meals"
  • 5 pre-made "just-add-water" soup meals
  • 4 pizza kits (might be ok for our 2009 plans)
  • 1 4-pack of pre-made eggrolls
  • 4 boxes instant cinnamon oatmeal
  • 1 box stuffing/dressing mix
  • 1 box pineapple cake mix
  • 5 frozen turkey breasts (might be ok for our 2009 plans)
  • 1 package frozen multi-grain waffles
  • you get the picture - we have a LOT of eating to do in the next 14/15 days!!!

That still leaves us plenty of rice, beans, peas, potatoes, various grains, tuna, vienna sausages (Hubby), canned fruit, canned ham, canned chicken, honey, salt, corn meal, olive oil, boxes of pancake mix, packages of bran muffin mix, boxes of mac-n-cheese, etc.. And in our freezer, our harvests of tomatoes, string beans, squash, etc. Dehydrated: spinach, parsley, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, onion, garlic, mango, blueberry, blackberry, apples, squash, etc.

Yum! We're very excited about starting our rotation diet for 2009 but for now... it's time to start eating!


Psychgrad said...

I believe you can do it! That's a pretty good list of food there.

NVG-WmsFam said...

Thank you! Although it occurs to me, we could have an end-of-the-year "party" - kinda mish-mush, or maybe give away what's left. Yeah, that'll work!

NVG-WmsFam said...

Update: we had a little mish-mash party and got rid of almost everything that was perishable and not part of our 2009 plan. Kept a lot like the turkey breasts. Whew! The Williams Family