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Stored Food (experiment)

We just got the January Specials 2009 catalog for Emergency Essentials - - and they do have some great specials in this catalog.

... and so on. We are definitely placing an order in January when we get paid. Meanwhile, this poses a question that begs your input...

Assuming you only have the products from Emergency Essentials (, dried fruits/veggies/soybeans from Just Tomatoes (, a few bulk items from Sam's Warehouse like olive oil, honey and salt, and water, could you prepare an entire year of menus, and not get bored?

We're working on compiling a list and have to admit, we're having fun. If you have any thoughts, be sure to post them here in the comments' section.

Thank you... The Williams Family

p.s. They are not compensating us in any way; this is just our project!

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