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Gardening: Black Cherry Tomatoes

This is a picture of one of our tomato pots in Summer 2008.

We got some 5-gallon buckets from the dollar store, drilled holes in the bottom, filled with potting soil, and planted our tomato seedlings (we started in February in peat pots indoors).

Something happened to our labels, because we obviously messed up. The "purple" tomatoes are Black Cherry, and so sweet and delicious. The red, well, we have no idea what it was, but it was quite tasty.

We planted two tomatoes per pot, plus a basil and a marigold. We didn't have much of a hornworm problem. We had a lot of fresh-eating tomatoes, and lots to dehydrate and freeze.

It was nice. Tomatoes from the grocery store are usually pretty white and green inside, but when we grew these ourselves, we picked them at the peak of ripeness, and savored the deep color and fresh taste.

For novice gardeners, we did pretty good.

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