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Inventory Check: Birth Control

Not really something we've seen mentioned very often on other "preparation" websites, but it's pretty essential. Assume, for a month, a worst-case scenario. TSHTF. Catastrophe. Complete anarchy. Earth changes. No more condoms or birth control pills, IUDs or etc. You get that urge, and have no more condoms or anything else left. Do you NOT, um, you know, do it?

Yeah, right.

And a month later, a pregnancy is discovered. Do you have any "birthin' " books on hand? A doula or midwife nearby? How is an 8-month pregnant woman going to help defend the property, chop wood, plow the land?

Did you give this any consideration?

Quote from:

Numerous herbs have been used historically to reduce fertility, and modern scientific research has confirmed anti-fertility effects in at least some of the herbs tested. Herbal contraception may never reach the level of contraceptive protection as the pill, but it offers alternatives for women who have difficulty with modern contraceptive options or who just want to try a different way. Very little is known about many of the herbs, or about long term side effects or safety concerns. Most herbalists don't recommend herbs for contraception, because of their potential unreliability. Many herbal methods have been tried with mixed results. People who are not interested in getting pregnant are usually not interested in mixed results. With any method of contraception, there is some risk of pregnancy. Each woman has to decide how much of a risk is too much. Most modern forms of birth control are 70% to 99% effective depending on the method chosen. For women who can't use modern forms of contraception, herbs can offer alternatives, and reducing fertility would be better than no birth control at all.

Here's another link that gives a lot more information:

So... you can stock up on condoms and sponges and jellies and cervical caps (pills will grow old), and/or take advantage of herbal knowledge. Remember, these will NOT protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Just, please, be prepared.

NOTE: Expired condoms can be used to cover the muzzle of a gun when out in damp/raining/snowing weather.

DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals so please consult your medical professional before using anything other than prescriptions.

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