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Menu: Corn (Grits, Corn-FryCakes, Black-Eyed Pea Soup)

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Day 1:

Today starts our Grain Rotation Diet (to discover food allergies, and to make sure we can provide healthy varieties if we get snowed in or some other disaster prevents us from getting out and about). We're also attempting to use only foods we've stored for emergency-prep (pantry, frozen, dried), or that we've grown on our windowsill (and later, in our garden). So...

Today is Thursday, here's our menu for today, which focuses on Corn:

-Grits (instant or cook)
-Eggs (powdered or fresh)
-Bacon (jarred or frozen/cooked)
-Applesauce (jarred)

-Lunchmeat (from freezer)
-Fruit Cocktail (canned)
-Corn Chips

-Corn FryCakes (from scratch, smothered in honey)
-Black-Eyed Pea and Ham Soup*
-Apple Bits*


* Recipe(s) to post today

Tomorrow is Rice day! YUM!! Meanwhile, we plan to post about 30 days worth of menus concentrating on (1) our grain rotation diet, and (2) using stored foods. 29 more days to go!

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