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Recipe: Seafood Skewers

Serve as skewers or as chop to serve on toast-points as a tapas.

3 tablespoons dried parsley
2 tablespoons dried garlic granules
3 tablespoons minced pickles
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 can whole new potatoes
1 small jar banana peppers
1 small can rolled anchovy fillets
1 small jar green stuffed olives
1 small can whole oysters
1 small can whole button mushrooms

Drain and quarter the potatoes. Open the other cans and jars. Alternating, skewer the potatoes, peppers, anchovies, olives, oysters and mushrooms on 6-inch or longer skewer. Mix rest of ingredients in a small bowl, and brush each skewer before serving.

To serve as an appetizer for a party, use toothpicks, fitting 2-3 items on each. Be sure to vary your choices. For example, toothpick #1 could have an olive, oyster and mushroom. Toothpick #2 could have an anchovy, banana pepper and mushroom. And so on.

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