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Rice Prices and Availability

I went on to Sam's Club online because I was working on a spreadsheet to calculate cost per serving (trying to figure out how to feed our family on $5.00 a day). I went to the 25 pound bag of rice that we buy regularly, and couldn't believe what I saw.
Limited quantities of 4 bags per Member.
Riceland Extra Long Grain - 25 lb.
$11.88/25 lb bag

4 bags per member? Is that per trip? Per day? True, it takes our little family several months to go through a 25 pound bag of rice, but with the constantly increasing price of rice, we need to continue to stock up. We don't have nearly enough.

I shop at Sam's once a month. Next Wednesday, the 4th, I'll be buying my allotted 4 bags. Maybe I'll go back the next day for 4 more.

Limiting food purchases. What's next?

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