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Survival Food For The Stomach Flu

The worst has happened. You've bugged out to the woods, or you are confined to your home while civil unrest rages around you. Whether it's nerves, or what.... you've got tummy aches, then cramping, and diarrhea. Oh no... you're sick. Maybe it's just a little intestinal flu or bug, and maybe a little something has irritated your digestive system. Let's assume you are just dealing with a little stomach bug...

Resort to the BRAT diet:
B = bananas (jarred babyfood or dehydrated chips)
R = rice (instant, rice cereal)
A = applesauce
T = toast (crackers are great substitute)

Gelatin is also good. Remember to drink plenty of liquids: water, gatorade (from powdered), etc. Be sure to monitor your body. Rest when you need to. You need to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Please remember our disclaimer: we are not medical professionals, and are not offering medical advice.

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