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Defense of Home, Family and Property

I write most of the postings for this blog, and am not well versed in defense. That's Hubby's job... he's got several firearms and ammo, and is looking for more plus repair kits and molds to make ammo. Meanwhile, we also have knives, swords, several sizes and varieties of dart guns, boomerangs and slingshots.

We recently had a chance to try shooting a rifle at a local gun show. The VHTS (age 12) did excellently considering it was his first time. I hadn't shot a rifle since BB guns in my teens (eons ago!) and did very well. Er, Hubby needs practice.

We got several dart guns that day and are teaching ourselves how to use them. We also have the slingshots and associated equipment and are learning those.

It's not that guns and other firearms scare me. I just don't know anything about them. And when we get a chance, Hubby will teach us, or we'll take classes on the different kinds and how to use and take care of them. And, of course, practice regularly.

Plus, as you know, we now have a puppy. We bought him to our specifications: a very young puppy, boy, unneutered, of a defense breed/mix, to be strong and big. Later we will breed him with a similar girl dog, and train the puppies. For now, we've begun his training and he's doing very well for a baby. He's already becoming loyal and we feel sure that by the time he learns the basics, he will be fiercely loyal and trustworthy. After the basics, he will be taught to listen to all sounds, ignore common noises, growl and bark for all intruders until told to stop, attack when commanded, patrol the perimeter, and protect our family members, home and property, which will include our farm animals like chickens, et al. Here's a defense "mechanism" that will do well for us.

If you don't want to use firearms, find an alternative that you ARE comfortable with to defend your home, family and property.

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