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Emergency Essentials - Feb Group Specials

If you read this blog regularly, you know how much we like buying our products from Emergency Essentials.

Here's a link to their current Group Specials: - They have discounts for dried onions, dried bell peppers, hiker water filters, and more. These are just the advertised GROUP specials. That means you have to buy the specified number to get the reduced rate.

Now... take a look at my favorite page of their well-organized website:®%20Freeze%20Dried%20Food%20in%20Cans - these are the dried products from Provident Pantry they sell. I love looking on the right hand size of their list and seeing red which indicates a reduction in price. Looks like strawberries and bananas are reduced, along with others. Yum! Anyone else's mouth watering?

By the way, we do not get a discount or freebies or anything else from Emerg Essentials for giving your their information. (I wish ... hint hint!!) We just think they have the best prices for the best dried foods and other emergency supplies. They fill orders quickly too!

Check them out!

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