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We Brought Home a Guard Dog Puppy

As you know, we're looking to get a little homestead, about 2-5 acres. We have a 10 pound chihuahua but she's kinda old and very small so she won't be much of a guard anything. So, in anticipation that we'll have our property within the next 6 months, we got a 10 week old puppy yesterday - a cross between Alaskan Malamute, Rottweiler and Dalmatian. He's already twice the size (or more) than the Chihuahua. Should be a good to raise as a protector and guardian, which is exactly why we got him. Oh, and as a playmate to the very energetic VHTS.

We had specifics in mind when we found him: very young puppy (he's 10 weeks), of guard dog stock/mix (Rotti), male and un-neutered (we want to breed him later for more guard puppies), and someone we could afford. Basically, we wanted a good big dog that's fiercely loyal and protective, large enough to scare just by looking at him, and with a background in protection.

But ... this is the first time he'd left his littermates and his home and people where he was born. Never had a collar or leash on. No shots. No beginning of training or socialization. The owners did nothing at all but let the puppies rule the house and pretty much destroy it. Once we brought him home (after a stop at PetSmart), it took him all of yesterday afternoon to warm up to us (treats helped - typical male!), whined and barked all night in his crates, pooped on my living room floor, and loves our VHTS so much he'd do anything for him. Already.

We tried to take him on the leash last night for a walk but didn't even cross the street. Now that he's getting used to having a collar and leash on, and getting used to us, we actually made it down about 4 houses before he sat down and flat out stopped. Interesting.

Vet appointment later this afternoon to check him out, give shots and hopefully advice. Meanwhile, we're already working on the basics of commands: his name and sit. I've also started researching how to train a guard dog, and we've ordered a few DVDs from Netflix to help with basic commands.

Now, if we can just get him to not whine and bark all night! One step at a time right?

Will post pix when we have them, and updates.

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