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Pic of Our Guard Puppy

Here's a picture of our newest family member: Very Hungry Tween Son (VHTS) holding Sparky, our guard puppy. Hopefully to grow up to be our guard dog. In 3 days, we've taken him from never having contact with other humans or being outside of his littermates or with a collar or leash to holding his bladder all night, learning to sit and walk with a leash, and trying hard not to chew our table and chairs.

At 10 weeks old, he weighs 21.2 pounds. Look at those massive paws! He's going to be huge, and we will diligently train him to guard and protect our homestead and family. He's already bonded very well with VHTS, and listens to all of us, including the chihuahua!

p.s. notice our storage tubs in the background - we're using them to block off part of our living room to minimize "accident" damage - he is, after all, only 10 weeks old!

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