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Our Thrift Store Haul

We love shopping at local thrift stores. We usually go on the 3rd of 4th of each month. Here's our haul on one visit:

- masonry
- creative bottle cutting
- 4-bks on medical
- space and storage
- backpackers cookbook
- weatherproofing
- home security
- plumbing
- gardening with wildlife
and much more.

We will definitely add these 20+ books to our reference collection. We can barely wait until we get into our next home - our permanent home - where we can spread out our books, organize and catalog them.

We also brought home several items we can use for makeshift cook-stoves, an index card holder (for these recipes we create and post here), and a few other things.

We LOVE thrift stores!


d.a. said...

Nice haul!

Barb and Steve said...

That is a great find! I'll have to check the local Goodwill store for books. I usually go looking for specific clothes.