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Too Much Preparation Or Not Enough?

We regularly read and came across the following a few months ago:

Basically, the writers state that all the learning of survival skills, like gardening and hunting, won't help if the s*** really does hit the fan. If people know you're preparing, you'll be among the first targets for looters and scavengers.

We have to agree.

So when you are learning leathermaking, cabinetry, hunting, and other specialties for you, your family or your community, be sure to figure out how you would survive if you couldn't leave your place for 6 to 9 months - or longer. Do you have enough water and food? Toilet paper and diapers? Laundry soap and cough medicine? What if you couldn't even turn on lights, or light a fire to cook your meals? Or plant a garden because people would see evidence of someone tending to it?

Just a thought.

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