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Winter Prep for Automobiles

This might be a little late for some people, but here's more information about preparing your car with survival essentials for Winter:
  • Metal coffee can, 2-3 pound size. Punch 3 holes in the top of can, at an equal distance apart. This is to enable you to carry the can while filled with your supplies.
  • 60-inch+ length of twine/heavy string. Cut it into 3 equal pieces, to use to suspend can.
  • 3 large safety pins. Tie the string to safety pins and pin to car roof interior to suspend can over candle. This won't work with all cars. Give it a try. If it won't work, come up with an alternate.
  • 1 candle, about 2" in diameter. You'll place the candle on the lid under hanging can for melting snow for water to drink.
  • 1 sharp pocket knife or sharp scissors.
  • 3 pieces of bright (red, orange or yellow) cloth that is 2" wide x 36" long. You'll use this to tie to your antenna or door handle - to help people spot you in distress.
  • Food! Dry soup, packets of hot cocoa mix, tea bags, granola bars, small package of peanuts, hard candy, cup and plastic spoon. (No chocolate as it tends to dehydrate.)
  • Warm wool socks, warm mittens (gloves don't keep you as warm).
  • strike-anywhere matches or lighters.
  • 1 emergency reflective blanket or 2 large green or black plastic leaf bags (to reflect body heat).
  • 1 small flashlight, kept separate from fresh unused batteries.
  • one dollar in quarters for telephone calls.

When you've prepared your can, grab a warm hat and place it over the kit. Keep in your car, or in the trunk. If you have a bigger can, you'll have more room for first aid supplies, pain relievers, small radio, etc.

Other things you might want to keep in your trunk:

  • Large plastic garbage bags - 3-4 - for warmth, moisture protection, or sanitation.
  • Small package of baby wipes (also for sanitation)
  • Pencil and paper
  • Plastic whistle, compass, mirror
  • Kitty Litter/sand (for traction and weight)
  • Gallon of water (insulate with blanket as it probably will freeze)

If you think it might be a problem getting to it, be sure to keep the kit in the body of your car instead of the trunk.

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