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Avian/Bird Flu Prep

Many people don't believe the bird flu will actually happen. That's ok. However, even if you think the whole bird flu thing is nonsense, it does make sense to prepare for the super-flu and super-bug that is making the news already.

Here's a few suggestions:
  • Eat healthy. Avoid packaged and processed foods. Concentrate on foods as close to how nature provided them, like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains.
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. This will not only make your body fit but will help your immune system, raise your tolerance, and help you mentally and emotionally. Even young children can exercise a little every day (sometimes we play "chase the dog" which gives us all a snippet of exercise).
  • Reduce your stress. This may mean cutting back on extra activities, saying "no" more often, or shopping before dawn to avoid crushing crowds. You could spend quality time with family and friends - your loved ones - playing a board game or singing along with a karoake machine.
  • Meditate (or pray) daily. Your mind needs some time to just chill, as does your spirit. If you don't pray, sit comfortably while listening to soothing music and watching a candle-flame flicker in the dark.
  • Have sex with a caring mate regularly (a couple times a week should work). This helps your body in many ways!
  • Add a bit of vitamin C and echinacea to your supplement regimen. These will help your immune system.There is not nor will there be (in time) a vaccine to protect you from the bird flu. Your best defense is always a good offense. Get your body's natural immune system to it's peak and keep it there.

The 1917 bird-flu epidemic killed (an estimated) 50 million people, of which 675,000 were in the United States. Experts say another pandemic is very overdue. What else can you do to make sure you don't succumb to the next round?

  • Look at your home. Is there a room that you can care for sick family members, away from other people? (Keep the germs contained.)
  • Stock up on medical supplies, like Vitamin C, multi-vitamins, cough medicine, disposable gloves and surgical masks.
  • Stock up on basic supplies, like food, can openers, toilet paper and water. If a pandemic really does hit, chances are people will be forced to be confined to their homes. Be prepared.

(Gotta write this because I'm just a writer and not a health care professional of any kind):
If you think you might be sick, consult with a trusted health care professional. Also, discuss with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise. Statements in this posting have not been evaluated by the FDA or anyone else.

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