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MRE's versus Home Cooked Meals

Some people are stocking up on MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) which is fine for some people. They are nutritious, last a long time, and very portable. Plus, they are absolutely ready to eat without worrying about cooking. However, I have high blood pressure so I couldn't handle the sodium content of most of them.

There's also the freeze-dried meals from places like Mountain House that are tasty and somewhat nutritious. We love the ice cream bars but just aren't the same thing.

Why stock up MRE's, freeze-dried meals or other no-cook items?

Some in your stockpile is ok. There may be days you don't feel good and just don't want to cook. Or you don't have power. Or you're on the move.

But consider cooking: it takes planning (time), preparing (time), heating (time) then serving and enjoying. If you are confined with very little to do, you may appreciate cooking

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