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Recipe: Chicken and Veggies Foil-Pocket

This is a good meal to make on the grill.

1/3 cup chili sauce
2 tablespoons honey
4 chicken thighs or breasts
1 can pineapple chunks
2 cups dried broccoli dices
1 cup dried bell pepper dices
1/2 cup dried onion dices
salt/pepper to taste

Empty the pineapple juice from the can into a bowl. Add the dried broccoli, bell pepper and onions to the bowl and allow to rehydrate. Prepare and preheat the grill. Combine the chili sauce and honey with the veggies and pineapple juice. Cut two 12x12" pieces of heavy duty foil. Spray with non-stick spray. Place the chicken in the center of one piece of foil and top with veggie mixture and pineapple chunks. Top with remaining piece of foil (spray first) and fold the edges twice to seal. Cook on the grill until chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Added the following April 6 2009:
Today I bought a package of 4 chicken thighs for $2.78 (on sale, with an orange sticker).

2.78 = pkg 4 chicken thighs
1.00 = can of pineapple
.28 = chili sauce
.10 = honey
2.00 = dried vegetables/onions
6.16 total, but serves 4 people so... $1.54 per person

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