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Those $1 a day experiments...

I was watching the news yesterday morning when I saw a story about a woman eating for 30 days on $1 a day ... that's a DAY! Her rules included "nothing that she had in her pantry or that she'd bought previously". She had a rough first week because she was basically stocking her pantry, but by the end of the experiment, she felt like she'd done ok. One of her last meals was a Japanese cabbage stir fry. The problem was... she didn't eat very well, and didn't get enough to eat or good nutrition or balanced meals.

From time to time I post articles here about how to eat for $5 a day per person. It's hard but I do my best. This is, obviously, for people who have stored food, a garden, or the actual means to spend money for food. This doesn't address the homeless problem, begging for food, dumpster diving, or getting the uneaten food that restaurants throw out (like Einstein bagels).

Setting a goal for $1.00 a day just isn't healthy, unless you raise almost all of your food yourself. I think I'll stick with providing you, our readers, money-saving-menus at $5.00 per person per day. We'll post another in a couple of hours - still working on it!

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