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Urban Homesteading

I just added that little blip above - about urban homesteading. Yes, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Yes, we consider ourselves "survivalists", and stockple food, defense items and necessary supplies.

To survive in the face of a hardship means to be self-sufficient. To have the know-how and experience to provide everything possible for ourselves, or to be able to trade for such things.

So we work hard to become self-sufficient. To be homesteaders, even though we don't have a large piece of land. Even we live in a suburb where we aren't allowed chickens or bees. Even though we still spend some of our very hard earned money at the grocery superstore.

Our goal is to be urban homesteaders in a small township, on 2-5 acres. To take care of all of our needs ourselves.

It's a process.

And we're working hard to accomplish our goals.

Just thought I'd FYI ya.


John said...

Bravo for the emphasis on urban homesteading and survival. Looks like you've got good info and resources here. Keep up the good work.


Melonie said...

I'm really digging the blurb, frankly. I was a bit miffed when someone who apparently considers themselves to be a better "survivalist" decided to poke fun at urban homesteaders (the Dervaes family) earlier today. I don't think it occured to them that not everyone *can* get out of the city - and that some folks have found a niche that works for them. Granted that particular case is more about being green than being a "prepper", but they are still way more prepared and self-sufficient than the bulk of people living in the 'burbs or even in rural areas.

I dig the blurb.... no gardening pun intended. LOL :-)