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When Toilet Paper Runs Out...

Substitution for Every-Day Items:

You store 48 super-size packages of toilet paper, but you've been confined to your home due to [fill-in-the-blank] for a long time and you're down to your last package. What do you do?

Warning: This is not a post to read if you have a queasy stomach or while you're eating!

  1. You could make your own toilet paper by making your own paper (will post a how-to within a month or so)
  2. You could use other things like:
    -Kitchen towel (ick)
    -Old newspaper (crumple to get soft)
    -Phone books (ditto)
    -Mail-order catalog (ditto)
    -Bank notes or other laying-around paper, leaves (ditto)
  3. Other Methods:
    -a bidet + towel to dry off
    -an upturned shower head + a towel to dry off
    -a wet sponge (that's how the Romans did it)
    -your hand - which is how people in the third world do it - that's why you see them eating with their opposite hand!

As for water use, a drought is always a concern and must be dealt with prudently. Discuss with your family members what to do should you run out of toilet paper. Start working on an alternate plan now.


Canadian Doomer said...

:) I've had friends from third world countries who did not use toilet paper. They think we North Americans are incredibly dirty for only wiping ourselves with paper. They keep a small cup beside the toilet and rinse themselves with water, while wiping with their hand. They then dry with a towel. Since their homeland is desert-dry and hot, I think that system must be sustainable even in a drought. (Not that I know much about drought living. Canada has three things in abundance - rocks and trees and water!)

Mr. Doom and I have been talking about going to Family Cloth, which is an option I don't think you mentioned.

Vee and the Kid said...

We American people tend to forget that toilet paper is a relatively new invention. Wiping with a hand? Ew, gross (is what we all tend to think).

Thank you for your comment. No, I didn't mention family cloth, but that's something for folks to explore!

Have a good new year!