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A Change of Face

I just went on one of my favorite blogs (great recipes and ideas for dinners under five dollars), but I've been busy and haven't had a chance to since March 15 or so. She's completely redone the blog, and now I can't find anything. She has over 1500 followers, but still... is this what you, my regular readers, feel when I try to tweak this blog's format? If it is, I completely apologize. I think I'm done experimenting.

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Melonie said...

As a blogger, I understand the process takes time, so I don't mind if I know someone is revamping. The only thing that bothers me is when somebody settles on a template - and says "it's the one" and then starts changing it every other day. Ahhhh!

If you're trying to build a following it's important to have good content and a clean, professional, easy-to-read template - but YOU have to like it too! Your readers understand tweaks here and there, and even "new construction" so to speak. Don't sweat it. Just don't revamp the whole thing every single day and you're good to go. ;-)

Thanks for all you do. I know it's tough sometimes to get into the blog and post good content and still do your own research and such too. THANKS!