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Recipe: Rice Fry-Cakes

This is a quick recipe in which you use leftover cooked rice. Good to make extra rice, and extra fry-cakes!

1 egg
2 cups cooked white rice
2 scallions/bunching onions

Chop the scallions. Mix ingredients together, pat into little cakes, and fry in an oiled skillet until golden brown. Delicious! Make extra for a quick snack the next day.

.26 = 2 cups rice
.25 = 1 egg
.26 = 2 scallions
1.13 Serves 4 conservatively = $.28 per person

(I posted the cost breakdown for this recipe because I plan to use this in tomorrow's posting for a money-saving menu)

1 comment:

Cinj said...

Always looking for ways to save money and cut chemicals out of our diet. Great idea. It's sad, but many people throw out their leftovers.