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Hot Enough To Fry An Egg

Don't you love that expression? It's so hot I could fry an egg on my sidewalk! Well, it's not exactly sanitary, but that phrase got me thinking. Can we cook without any fuel, other than the sun?


According to my research, eggs need a temp of 185 degrees or higher to cook. Sidewalks don't get that hot. But thinking outside the box... here are a few suggestions:
  • Find a large rock with a slight indention. Clean a little OR place a piece of aluminum foil over the rock. Allow to heat in the hottest sun. Make a ring with biscuit dough, and in the middle crack an egg or two. Loosely "tent" another piece of aluminum foil over the food and cook.

  • Use a cast-iron or regular skillet in this one. Place a pane of glass on the sidewalk or rock. Place your skillet on it. Add food to be cooked to the skillet. Place another pane of glass (or a glass top) on top of the skillet.

I'm sure you couldn't do a pot-roast like this, but on a hot sunny day, I know for a fact you could do an egg-and-biscuit meal.

Are you going to experiment with this? Let us know how it goes, how you did it, what you prepared, how quickly it cooked, etc.

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