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Freezing Milk

Local store-brand milk has been pretty cheap lately. $1.58 per gallon of fat-free milk. Take advantage of the price by buying several. For this, you'll need to get the bottles that aren't quite as full, with perhaps an inch or a little more of headspace. Remember, liquids expand when frozen.

Assuming you rearranged your freezer before you left for the store, place the extras in your freezer. Keep in the container it came in. Will keep about 3 months.

Be sure to check on the milk a few hours after placing them in the freezer, to make sure the milk jugs didn't burst when the milk inside expanded during the freezing process.

To use: Take out of freezer and thaw in the refrigerator. Again, check periodically that same day to make sure as it thaws, there's no leak.


Anonymous said...

To save precious freezer space, another alternative would be powdered milk. Surprisingly, it has improved A LOT since I was forced to drink it as a kid and I almost can't tell the difference anymore! Plus, there's a lot of great things you can use powdered milk for to cook with.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Absolutely agree. That's why I posted the following: - necessary information for people like us who have cow's milk / dairy problems. Powdered lasts much longer, but while milk prices are so low, this article was to encourage people to take advantage of this! Thanks for commenting!