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Quick Healthy Menu

Still being in the State of Upheaval with no real kitchen, here's what we snacked on yesterday (from either fridge or our "stored foods stash"):

-dry chex cereal
-fresh pear

-rice crackers
-canned fruit
-pumpkin seeds
-sunflower seeds

-gluten-free bread with butter, garlic powder, and cheese, melted in toaster oven
-baby spinach
-cole slaw (me, not kid!)

I'll be soooo glad when this fiasco of a house-sale is over, and we move. But this is teaching me a lot about not being able to use a microwave (sold it day because our first scheduled closing date).


Anonymous said...

I think you're doing very well, especially with the variety. Good lesson that I hope you'll never have to face.

Hope the closing goes well and soon.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Thanks, anon. I try! Vikki