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Food Prices Gonna Rise? More?

I keep following links from blogs about how the prices of food stuffs (like rice, wheat and cocoa) are gonna rise big-time and soon. I've been reading that for a while, and I myself posted something to that effect a while ago.

Yes, I see prices increasing. Yes, I see supplies decreasing. But here I am, tucked in my comfy temporary home, all snug and warm, with pantry bursting and closets filled to the brim, while a blizzard rages outside. Over a foot of snow in the last 20 hours or so, and still more expected over the next 24.

We keep a list of supplies we'd like more of, and when prices are low, we stock up. We have enough potatoes, rice, beans, peas, dried fruit/veggies, canned fruit and soups, cocoa, flours (regular and gluten-free), quinoa, amaranth, and much more for probably 9 months. NOT that we're gonna be home-bound that long! Please?!?

So keep a sharp eye out for the grocery circulars, and pop into Costco or Sam's Clubs when you get a chance. Personally... we're asking family and friends for gift card to for birthday and holiday gifts so we can get more cans of powdered rice milk (pic above) and more.


Trashdigger said...

food prices are rising but back door shopping is growing. What the yuppie cant afford winds up in the back door.. Stock up for free.
Also check out your local CL Craigslist or FreeCycle for even more good stuff.

Joel the K said...

What do you mean by that? I don't understand. ++++ I'm really liking this blog.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Joel: I think what Trash is saying is that dumpster diving is a good way to supplement your stores. It's not all trash or gross. But also there are a lot of people who don't just throw things away and post them on lists like Craigslist or yahoo groups like freecycle (look for one in your area) to find new owners for your items.

Just to add a note: I also check out yard sales. I myself have been known to sell food from my pantry when I've been hard up for cash, or that time when I found my kid couldn't digest certain foods so I had to get rid of almost everything.

Thanks for reading this blog. Vikki