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Excellent Meal for Thanksgiving

Can you hear me patting myself on the back? Gotta say... everything I made to contribute to Mom-in-Law's feast yesterday was a big hit. One person, after tasting my pecan pie, asked where I was from. I said Kentucky, and she said, quite loudly with great enthusiasm: "no wonder you're such a great cook"!

Gotta say, even tho my Hubby and Kid often compliment my creations, hearing it from a complete stranger (wife of brother-in-law's brother, never met before) was a complete surprise and thrilled me beyond belief.

I ate too much, of course, and now don't want to move. I think we'll do our recipe experimenting tomorrow. Meanwhile...

how did YOUR Thanksgiving go? what did you cook? where did you go? did a local restaurant take the headache off your hands?


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Cracker Barrel. Instead of the usual 20+ this year we were down to four. So Cracker Barrel saved the day. It is too much work and expense to cook a holiday meal for a few people. So it was good food, good company and I didn't have to wash any dishes. Woooo Hooo! I must say their Pecan Pie was not ass good as mine and I am sure not as good as yours Vicki.


Lamb said...

I run a rooming house and made a buffet for the residents here. My turkey turned out looked like it feel out of a gourmet cooking magazine...and tasted like it, too, perfectly moist and tender. Three kinds of stuffing. The only failures were the mashed potatoes (someone else made them) and the green beans (again, someone else made them). I love to cook...I adore baking bread. I have made efforts to get good at both!

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