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Book research for Homemade MREs, Gluten Free Cookbooks, and Medical Marijuana

I sent a gluten-free gnocchi recipe to some tasters/testers yesterday. I am still working on lots more recipes for the gluten-free cookbooks, so input is greatly appreciated. 

I still have another 75 recipes or so to test for my homemade MRE cookbook using dehydrated ngredients we are storing. I need more testers!

Now, to the medical marijuana book...

I started a fb group ( ) initially about Charlotte's Web to gather info for a book I am writing about using medical marijuana to help with health problems. Decided to cover all strains of med mmj. (As you know, my almost 18 year old son is autistic with epilepsy and will be getting a med mmj card soon).

I am asking for everyone's help to get people's stories about using medical mmj, including the ailment, strain(s) they use, success or failure, how it has changed them, etc. Stories should be 3-5 pages long. They need to include contact information, and permission for the story to be in the book.

People can comment here, join the above mentioned Facebook group, or email me at vikkibooksatyahooperiodcom.

Thank you so much for your help.


P.s. Today is epilepsy awareness day! Did you wear purple? Help people know if they have a lot of de ja vu episodes, they COULD be having simple partial seizures!

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