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Impending Book Release

I am re-working my Survival in Emergency Situations book, and will be publishing that in the next week or so. Here's the cover!

It includes prepping for:
-long term confinement / when the SHTF
-and more!

...and info about bug-out-bags (BOBs / 72-hour evacuation kits).

Just working on the last edit or two, then I will be uploading the file for Kindle downloads. Once I am happy with it, I will publish hard copies.

I hope you bookmark this blog! I am working to provide lots of detailed information in this book.


The vampire short story series begins!


Driven by a need for human blood and a love for modern technology, Jovan and Ivana opened a diner. Humans enjoy made-to-order fast foods in a funky atmosphere with free wi-fi and complimentary drink refills, with techno music lightly drifting from the jukebox. And after Jovan clinically draws blood from the healthiest of the humans, the vampires drift in for their feast. Who will they choose next? The solitary man gnawing on a turkey burger, or the arguing father and son?


Download it to your KINDLE or KINDLE APP today!