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Nutrition for Bibb or Butterhead Lettuce

My tiny garden has a HUGE amount of bibb and butterhead lettuces, much more than we can eat right now. I began to wonder if these lettuces have any nutrition in them, as I know iceberg lettuce does not.

Research shows these do have nutrition! So much so, that I plan on harvesting everything I can today, and after our dinner salad tonight, placing the rest in the dehydrator. Will add to dips, soups and other dishes this Winter.

Will also be harvesting my chocolate mint and flat leaf parsley, both to dehydrate.

But I digress!

The following the info for 1 cup shredded greens (bibb and butterhead lettuces). Doesn't include all of the MANY minerals in it!  Source:

Update: 8/29/14
I have harvested big bunches of our greens and dehydrated them. Last night I had scrambled eggs (from our chickens!!) and sprinkled 2 tablespoons of my dehydrated bibb lettuce powder on top, along with some parsley.  Talk about a bang of nutrition!

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