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WWII Kitchen and Garden

Another that I watched was: (8 episodes, 3 are missing)

Now, I doubt that in the future, should any of our countries go to war, that we'll be hard-pressed to turn all aerable (growable) land into fields of grains and vegetables for the troops, but think about your own situation as you watch the vid. Do you have any property that you could turn into a field of wheat or millet right now, to feed your family? What about orchards for fruits, or long rows of veggies or brambles of berries?

Remember, it takes years and years to get fruit from trees, and a year or two to get at least a few berries from brambles.  Get started!

Core the apples and slice into kinda-thin.  She used a jar, candle and saucer to prevent them from browning, and a stick and oven to dry them.  Have to say .... I'm so very glad I have my Excalibur dehydrator, and more importantly, two SOLAR dehydrators!

Create ropes like the vid shows. However, you could also use the panty-hose method (which means you'll have to store/stock lots and lots of stockings and pantyhose).

One way they mention in the vid is preserving the eggs in "water glass" which is made with water and sodium silicate.  Yeah, I don't know.  YOU might do that, and that's fine, but I can't see me doing that.  Instead, I would hope that my quail (easily kept in a garage or even in the house) or my chickens would give me at least one egg a day so I can make a cake or an omelet every once in a while.

In the USA, we think of pudding as a dairy-based glob of sweet deliciousness.  In the vid, it's just a boiled (often savory) item. And the pastry crust is made, not from butter because that was rationed, but with self-rising flour, suet (the hard fat in many animals), grated potato (needed for the starch) and cold water.  Have you tried to make a pastry crust without butter?  Experiment NOW!  You'll be surprised how tasty substitutions can be.

It was as important then as it is now: if you don't have composted animal waste to spread over your garden or field, you will need something else.  Take green plants, add brown/dry straw, add lime and nitrogen, then wet it down. Before long, you'll have a wonderful compost for your garden or field.  It takes a while, tho, so start it now!

Just remember: rabbit waste is NOT hot (it will not burn your plants) so you can use it immediately.  Do NOT use chicken, goat, cow and other animal waste right away before you will burn and kill your plants.

And certainly don't use omnivore/human waste on your garden. How about you put human waste near trees, instead!

Interesting how they used CARROTS as their sweetening agent.  Now that I think about it, carrots really ARE a sweet veggie.  Hmmm... interesting. Thinking I need to grow more carrots, and be sure to grate before dehydrating!

This was basically a cake and it looked delicious!

Buy now the heirloom seeds of items you want to eat.  Then start learning how to grow them, and saving seed.  It might be difficult to buy heirloom seeds in the future.

They discuss the rationing of sugar, and how, even when it came to wedding cakes, eventually they were forbade to use sugar to top a cake.  Instead, there was a cardboard simulated cake that actually fit over the 8 or 10 inch plain cake, good for pictures.  Then the cardboard was taken off and the actual small cake cut in tiny slivers.

Thinking: if you have only a small bit of flour, rising agents like baking soda and powder, and sugar, what could YOU make for a wedding or birthday?

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From, they showed how to put up gooseberries, boil ham, harvest and bury some nuts, and how to salt large amounts of beans.

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