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Easy and Cheap Cooking Methods

We're working out how to cook indoors, when we have no utilities (electricity or gas), no solar charge, and without using usual camping supplies that can be hazardous without proper ventilation. Plus, you can't go outside to use the grill because other people might smell your food, or there's a tornado, or it's just not safe.

Tomorrow, December 23 2008, is our day of experimentation. Meanwhile, what method of cooking have YOU come up with... in case of emergency?


Anonymous said...

The easiest solution is to use a one burner propane camping stove. It's no different than using a gas stove in the house. I use mine inside my van when it's really cold or wet and I don't want to go outside.

I also have a stash of Sterno cans. Slow, but good for warming stuff up.

Eliana said...

Thanks for sharing your easy and cheap cooking methods with grill... well, I'm a big fan of grill recipes.

NVG-WmsFam said...

Wendy: good idea. Some camping stoves may be safe in an enclosed area. And sterno is a good idea - sometimes people just need a little heat to make things a bit more appetizing.

Eliana: you are so welcome! We are having so much fun experimenting. Expect more for the grill and "foil-pockets".

Vikki and Doug