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Holiday Gathering

Whether you're home alone during the Holidays, snowed-in, or having friends over, there's no reason to not celebrate this special time of year in a special way.

First, remember, that if is NOT all about the food. Sure, most people come over expecting outstanding delicious dishes but that doesn't meal expensive and intricate. Just different. Decorate a table with color placemats, pinecones tied with gold ribbon, and light candles/turn down the lights. For food, keep it simple. How about ... ...
  • a canned ham, heated with pineapple and maple syrup, OR a lentil and ham soup
  • fresh baked bread, with a dipping "sauce" of olive oil with herbs de provence
  • sweet potatoes, sliced, baked, and topped with "butter"
  • green salad
  • dessert of dates, apples, pears and other fresh and dried fruits with cheese and special crackers
Second, center the occasion around friendship, love, togetherness, and enjoying just BEing.

Third, if you plan to exchange gifts, put a dollar limit on them. This is a rough year for most people. Hubby and I aren't even exchanging gifts at all this year. We put a few dollars away each payday for Son but the adults in our family really aren't getting anything - a basket of bread mixes, a box of special coffees and assorted tea bags. Son made pictures for a few family people.

Enjoy this time of year. Don't stress - BELIEVE that life is not only worth living, but worth enjoying!

Happy Holidays

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