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Seasons Greetings

We want to take this time to wish you a special Holiday season - no matter your beliefs - from our family to yours, enjoy a safe and happy holiday.
  • Take advantage of the great sales around this time of year: canned vegetables or pie fillings, hams and turkeys for the freezer, fresh produce like winter squash and potatoes.
  • Keep it simple. A plate of fresh vegetables or fruits or cheese with a little hummus for dipping is a great appetizer. Bake a chicken or turkey that self-bastes, or better yet, use that crockpot.
  • Be safe in the kitchen.
  • Let the kids help. At least, ask them.
  • Leave the clean-up for later, or someone else. Enjoy the presence of family and friends.
  • Simmer some apple cider and mulling spices in a crockpot or coffee urn. Makes the house smell wonderful.

Enjoy this time of year. Family and friends are nearby. If they aren't, find someone to care for. Gift the gift of friendship (yes, and food) to someone who needs you. Because you ARE special, and you ARE needed. And loved.


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