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Recipe: Ambrosia Salad

This is an easy recipe, not requiring refrigeration or heating... just a bowl! Could be made in a gallon-sized baggie instead of the bowl. Easier clean-up.

· 1 large can mandarin oranges
· 1 cup dried diced apples
· 1 cup dried banana chips
· 1 small can pineapple tidbits
· ½ cup flaked coconut

Empty cans of oranges and pineapple into bowl (including juice!). Add dried diced apples and banana chips. Stir to reconstitute apples and bananas. Spoon into dessert cups or small bowls. Sprinkle with coconut.

Variations: dried mango, dried kiwi or your other favorite dried tropical fruits.

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Anonymous said...

Just bought and downloaded your ebook with the stored foods recipes. This recipe was in it and a whole lot more! Definitely worth the 9.95 I just paid. Do you have more e-books coming that deal with cooking with no conventional cooking methods? Lulu

NVG-WmsFam said...

So glad you liked it. We reduced our price, though, to 8.95, and will be refunding the extra $1.00 to you. Thank you for the wonderful words!

Yes, we are working on more e-cookbooks, especially those that don't involve actual cooking. Should have at least one posted at by the end of the year.