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Recipe: Turkey Pasta Skillet

This recipe will use your stored-food to provide a filling, well-balanced meal:

2 cups dehydrated cooked turkey
1/2 cup dried diced onion
1/4 cup dried diced bell pepper
1 teaspoon dried garlic granules/flakes
2 cups diced tomatoes with juice (canned ok)
salt/pepper to taste
2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni or small shell pasta (gluten-free as necessary)
2 cups water

In a large skillet on low-to-medium heat, add water, then the rest of the ingredients. Cover and cook until pasta is cooked through and tender.

Variation: Make this a Foil-Pocket Meal! Using heavy-duty foil, carefully add all ingredients, fold over to form a pocket, and grill or bake until pasta is tender. Eat directly from pocket. No clean-up! (You could put the foil-pocket on a pie pan to give it a little "shelf".)

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