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Recipes Wanted for Rotation Diet (amaranth, spelt, etc.)

The "Rotation Diet" is basically a way to prevent or pick out allergies to grains and other starches to which you may not have been tested for, and may or may not suspect there is a problem. It rotates suspected foods. For instance, wheat on Monday (just wheat, no other grain) and not again until the next Monday. Only corn on Tuesday and not again until the next Tuesday. And so on. That way, when you react to something, it is more obvious.

This diet also allows you to eat foods to which you have a mild or borderline allergy. If you ate them more often, you might not be able to tolerate them. It will also prevent new food allergies from forming.

The usual Rotation Diet rotates more than just grains and starches (like eggs, cow's milk, citrus fruits, and nuts) but we naturally limit those. We don't have a problem with eggs. We'll schedule our milk (powdered goat/soy/rice milk) for the appropriate days. We don't eat many citrus fruits (cans of mandarin oranges) but will have to carefully plan our "nut" days. If we do this right, we shouldn't have to weigh food or count calories.

In our little family, two of us are overweight, and the Son has behavior issues. We are also picky eaters, and one of us needs lunch-box meals. We believe we three can benefit greatly from this diet, if we can find enough foods and easy recipes to keep us interested. Especially since only one of us really does the cooking.

So, we're preparing to go on this diet for Year 2009, and are looking for recipes for various grains and starches. It's hard! The internet has provided several, but certainly not enough. And we want to figure out how to make our own pasta, cookies, treats, bread, etc. by using just one grain/starch at a time. Most of the recipes we are finding (especially for pasta and bread) use more than just one grain. Argh!

AND... these recipes need to use dried fruit/veggies and other foods easily stored.

So, we're asking (NOPE, we're begging) for your help!

-rice (brown or white)
-potatoes (yes, it's not a grain but IS a starch)
-soy (very allergenic which is why it made this list)
-nut/seed flour

Looking for Recipes (Savory OR Sweet) using the above grains/starches to make (the easier the better):
-bread and crackers
-main dishes

One grain/starch per recipe. Since this is a stored-foods recipe and cooking blog, we'd like to limit the additional ingredients to be things like bean flour and arrowroot flour, in addition to using honey or stevia or white sugar, eggs (in shell or powdered), salt, baking soda, baking powder, yeast, spices, herbs, etc. Ingredients most people have in their pantries and cupboards.

Will you contribute? When giving your recipes, please feel free to use the comments section, or e-mail us. Thank you.

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