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Rotation Diet for Grain Allergies

We've been working non-stop for the last week trying to figure out 365 days worth of our grain/starch rotation diet and we've discovered... it's hard!

We almost have it worked out, and we're excited that starting early morning of New Year's Day of 2009, we'll begin posting our menus and some of the recipes. Even special meals like Mother's Day, and holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Just a preview:
- Millet Tabbouleh on bed of greens with diced pickled beets
- Peanut/Oatmeal Cookies
- Turkey Sausage and Rice Stuffing
- Macho Nachos
- Soy Muffins
- Turkey Shepherd's Pie

Would love to see your recipes, and once we start our 365 count, definitely want your input! Please "follow" this blog!

p.s. We'll also post recipes that use ONLY stored foods like canned, dried, frozen, and staples.

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