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Rotation Diet for Grains: General Schedule & Layout

Our 365 Rotation Diet:

Our little family is planning a little experiment: 365 days on a grain "Rotation Diet". Well, maybe not a full 365. Maybe 30 days. Anyway, here's how we're figuring out the days-of-the-week schedule, with some changes for special days of the year. We'll be using a lot of stored foods (canned, dried, staples, etc.) but some meals will use fresh fruits and veggies from our garden, and cheap purchases from the local grocery.

As to the rotation of the grains, there ARE a lot of different grains/starches to use, but some of them are so expensive, so you'll note we're combining some on certain days. I mean, who can afford to store quinoa flour for every week in a year? Also, we're counting "potato" as a separate day because some people develop allergies to potatoes too. Who knew?

In addition, because one of us is lactose intolerant and, well, we have health issues, we're noting "lactose-free", "gluten-free" and "heart-healthy" on relevent recipes.

-Grain/Starch/Flour:wheat OR buckwheat OR kamut OR spelt (pasta, bread, etc.),
-Additional Flour: almond,
-Veggie:mushrooms/peas/cauliflower/squash/pickles/all-vegg pwdr,
-Other: Chocolate

-Grain/Starch/Flour:quinoa OR millet OR amaranth,
-Additional Flour: pumpkin seed flour/sunflower seed flour,
-Nut/Seed/Legume/Meat:pumpkin seeds/sesame seeds/sunflower seeds/peanut/lentils/beef,
-Calcium: goatmilk,
-Veggie:greens/cucumber/spinach/pumpkin/all-vegg pwdr

-Grain/Starch/Flour:potatoes (baking & sweet),
-Additional Flour: sesame seed flour, white bean flour,
-Nut/Seed/Legume/Meat:peanut/pistachio/sesame seeds/chicken/egg/white bean/coconut,
-Calcium: goatmilk,
-Veggie:carrots,celery,cabbage,squash,tomato,all-vegg pwdr

-Additional Flour: filbert or hazelnut flour,
-Veggies:artichoke,spinach,cabbage,carrots,all-vegg pwdr

-Additional Flour: pecan flour/black bean flour/red bean flour,
-Nut/Seed/Legume/Meat:pecan/pea/pork/black bean/red bean,
-Fruit:berries/pomegranate/apple/fruit cocktail,
-Veggies:celery/greens/broccoli/cauliflower/radish/ tomatoes/all-vegg pwdr,
-Other: Popcorn

-Grain/Starch/Flour: rice/rice pasta,
-Additional Flour: bean flour, walnut flour, sesame flour, flax flour,
-Nut/Seed/Legume/Meat:bean/walnut/cashew/sesame seed/flax seed/chicken,
-Calcium: rice milk,
-Veggies:greens,cabbage/water chestnuts/beets/eggplant/tomato/okra/mushroom/all-vegg pwdr

-Additional Flour: garbanzo bean flour, almond flour,
-Nut/Seed/Legume/Meat:almond/lentil/ bean/peanut/turkey/garbanzo beans,
-Calcium: cowmilk,
-Veggies:beets/broccoli/carrots/cucumber/peppers/squash/string beans/all-vegg pwdr

I hope this gives you an idea of what we'll be eating for the 365 days of the year 2009. Please "follow" this blog. Beginning January 1 2009, every morning we'll post that day's "Rotation Diet" menu. We'll also post some recipes for that menu plus recipes that exclusively use stored foods.

Thank you for taking this adventure with us, and feel free to comment!

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