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What do YOU need out of this blog?

First, thank you so much for embracing this blog. We love that so many people from have dropped by, and many of you have not only stayed but have passed the word around. You bless us with your visits.

Now... besides working on our stored food experiment, our grain-rotation diet, and posting recipes, what else can we do for you on this blog? Do you need more stored food recipes? More non-cook recipes? More foil-pockets? More food cooked on impromptu cooking stoves? More ways to cook without utilities?

Please note we discuss storing and processing food at another blog: and discuss gardening to provide long term provisions for your family at

Let us know what we can do for you on this blog by posting a comment to this post. Thank you.

The Williams Family


Anonymous said...

Could you post more recipes using only cooked foods? Our refrigerator constantly goes out. Oh, and alternative cooking methods. Lulu

Anonymous said...

Hey, we got a couple of those serving chafing trays things at a party-supply place, and lots of sternos. That should work. Try it out. Not too expensive. Terry in Macon

NVG-WmsFam said...

Thanks for your input.

Lulu: we're working on more of those recipes and alternative cooking methods. We'll keep the blog updated as things develop.

Terry: We have a set of what you're talking about but forgot all about them. Thanks!

The Williams Family