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Menu: Potatoes

Today is Potato Day in our Rotation Diet. My stomach is still upset, but here's a general idea of what we're eating today (keep in mind my tummy, picky-eater Son, and Hubby who eats breakfast and lunch at work):


Homemade french fries (made night before)
Fruit cocktail
---Hubby: Leftover steak pieces (from freezer)
---Son: canned chicken with melted cheese
---Me: gelatin, leftover tuna salad

---Hubby/Me: Baked sweet potatoes, skillet beef*
---Son: baked white potato, scrambled egg

* recipe posts today

I know, doesn't sound like much fun. I'm sure the creativity of the menus will pick up when my stomach stops hurting. Right now, my ulcer prevents my thinking clearly.

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