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Menu: Quinoa

Today is amaranth/millet/quinoa day. As per our post a few moments ago, this diet of whole grains and high fiber is really taking my IBS to task, so there's three different menus today:

Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: gelatin, canned pears, scrambled egg
Dinner: a TASTE of the "Almond & Fruit Quinoa", carrots, dried peas

Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: leftover ribs (from freezer), applesauce,
Dinner: Almond & Fruit Quinoa*, carrots, dried peas

Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: canned pears, scrambled egg, dried fruit
Dinner: a TASTE of the quinoa (if I can get him to eat any), chicken from a can, carrots, dried peas

*recipe posting today

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