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Grain Rotation Diet - Hazards

Being on this grain rotation diet has been good and bad.

Good in that it's helping us come up with good recipes, be creative, and try new things while working to figure out specific grain allergies.

Bad in that, well, let's just say, using a lot of whole grains is helping clean out our digestive system. Big time. Massive. As a woman with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), this has given me a new perspective on pain. And a great disappointment in omeprazole (prilosec).

So, because I'm so miserable, I have to suspend this rotation grain diet FOR ME for a few days while I get the pain under control. I'll do no-grains, like goat yogurt, fruits and veggies, nut butter and (ugh) gelatin.

I'm posting our menu in another posting (in a few minutes!).

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