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Menu: Rice (crackers, muffins)

Day 2: Rice

As you know, today is the 2nd day of our Grain Rotation Diet (to discovered food allergies, and to make sure we can provide healthy varieties if we get snowed in or some other disaster prevents us from getting out and about). We're also attempting to use only foods we've stored for emergency-prep (pantry, frozen, dried), or that we've grown on our windowsill (and later, in our garden).

Yesterday's Black Eyed Pea Soup with Ham was very yummy! There was enough to put in the freezer for Hubby's lunch box on the next CORN day.

So...Today is Friday, here's our family's menu for today, which focuses on Rice:

Rice cakes with peanut butter & flax/sesame seeds

rice crackers
dried fruit (or an apple or pear)
tuna salad

cooked rice with honey
brown rice muffins*
chicken and rice-noodle soup*

nuts and seeds

* recipe to post today

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