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No More Daily Menus for Rotation Diet

We are the type of the family that likes to decide what to eat at the last minute. This planning a day or a week before is killing us! Aargh! On top of that, my stomach is still in knots from the huge influx of whole grains. My poor IBS.

Plus, we think we've discovered that my Son has some kind of reaction when he eats wheat. This is interesting, from a behavior standpoint, a diet standpoint, and now, a storage standpoint. I guess no wheat for him means more rice, rice pasta, potatoes, chips, etc. No canned chicken noodle soup. Ah man... :(

So... this grain rotation diet will continue in this household for several more months, but most people are coming here for our stored-food recipes and cooking techniques. That's what we'll continue to give you.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to help as many people as possible. We are trying to post 2-4 times each per day.

The Williams Family


d.a. said...

You may want to get him checked for celiac disease, just in case. Otherwise, check out Tinkyada brown rice pasta. It holds up the best in pasta and soups. Good luck!

Mayberry said...

Gluten free recipes? Check out Suzanne will hook you up!