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Recipe: How to Make Rice Milk

As you know, Hubby's lactose intolerant. We posted a recipe to make soy milk on January 28, so this is our easy recipe to make rice milk.

4 cups hot water
1 cup still-warm cooked rice (either white or brown)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon honey or brown rice syrup

Whip all ingredients in a blender until very smooth and frothy (about 4-7 minutes). Let it sit as is for 30 minutes without disturbing. Then, very carefully strain and re-strain, pouring the milk through a cheesecloth into a mason jar. Label the jar so when you make other milks, you can keep track of what's in what jar.

This recipes makes about 4 cups of rice milk. Good for a few days in the refrigerator. Use the sediment/remains to your rice recipes, muffins, pancakes, etc.

  • To make creamier rice milk, re-cook the rice with some of the 4-cups of hot water until the rice is very soft. Add the sweetener now. Then do the blender step.
  • If you don't like the taste, blend it up with a banana and some berries for a smoothie.
  • Soak a cinnamon stick in the drink pitcher. Yum!
  • You could add a cup of organic coconut milk to the final product to give it a nice texture.
  • To add more flavor, add 1/4 cup ground almonds, hazelnuts or cashews to the cooking rice. Almonds would add more minerals, including calcium, to the milk.


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